Calling it Quits Online

Web-based divorce are now on the rise. / Chuck Todd / MCT Campus

By JP Chabot

Online dating has led to millions of couples finding each other, but now the Internet is breaking them up just as easily.

“Divorce is messy,” says the Wevorce website front page. “We can fix it.”

The website is one of the few online divorce services in this burgeoning field. With the ever-rising divorce rates complicating the finances and family ties of everyone in the country, Wevorce was founded as an online divorce service intending to streamline and organize the process by providing customizable family and financial planning through its easy-to-use do-it-yourself interface.

It’s like doing your taxes online.

“Long divorces are like a constant breakup, and you keep losing stuff as you go,” said sophomore Victor Skas, whose uncle divorced. “If it’s just easier to do the streamlined version over the web then it’d be great.”

Michelle Crosby, CEO and founder of Wevorce, recalls when she was seven years old during her parents’ divorce, and how she was asked by one divorce attorney which parent she would want to be with if she was stranded on a deserted island.

Ever since then, she’s known that “divorce needs fixing.” So she founded a new company to fix it, with 10 locations throughout the U.S.

After years of working with divorce cases, Crosby noticed similar patterns and archetypes among the divorcees, and used them to create algorithms to simplify the process.

“One person in the couple is usually the money manager, leaving the other behind when they need to split their finances,” says Crosby. “So our website takes that into account and gives them both different forms and procedures to make sure they are on equal footing by the end of it.”

Not everyone is convinced, though.

“It sounds too good to be true,” freshman Valerie Lopez said.

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