The Next Miracle


By Souliman Maida

Exercise and healthy eating is the only form of dieting that is known to be effective. The lazier we get the more shortcuts we try to find. Such is the case with the “miracle” weight loss pill named Garcinia Combogia.

Coming from India, Garcinia Cambogia is making a big impression in the states, and is considered the next “miracle” weight lost treatment. This pill is a concentrated form of the little pumpkin shaped garcinia fruit. It caught many individuals and fitness fanatics’ attention. All this hype may be for nothing

A study shown by Lipids in Health and Disease shows their test subjects losing an average of 12.2 pounds a month without a change in exercise or diet. In many cases the pill produces the emptying of the bowels, causing diarrhea according to

Billy Ganong, a registered nurse at Santa Ana College disagrees with the pills effects of weight loss. In the long run, long-term use of these laxative pills, like garcinia cambogia can cause a person lose important substances your body needs, such as mineral vitamins and stopping the digestion process, said Ganong.

Similar to a form of human growth hormones it supposedly increases metabolism by 800 percent. Sounding like it can destroy your insides, I couldn’t imagine consuming this pill.

The new pill is on the shelves of nutrition stores everywhere. It’s very hard to believe that many pounds can be shed without moving a finger. Everyone wants to look his or her best but the long terms effect are unclear.

The pill costs about $20 at GNC.

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