Ebola Hits the States


By Katie Porter

Two nurses who cared for the first person killed by Ebola in the U.S. have tested positive for the disease, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed.

The original patient, Thomas Eric Duncan, traveled from Liberia to visit family in Dallas.

He began showing symptoms and went to the E.R. but was sent home despite a fever and his travel history.

Three days later, Duncan became violently ill and was transported back to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, where he was admitted and died Oct. 8.

Now that the disease is stateside, panic has set in. Both Duncan and Amber Vinson, the second nurse infected, traveled on planes, possibly exposing them to hundreds of people. Hazmat crews cleaned their apartments and incinerated personal items.

Ebola has a mortality rate of roughly 70 percent and has killed about 4,500 people worldwide.


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