IN PHOTOS: A Weekend in the Life of Santa Ana College Students

A self-taught mechanic works on a motor from the garage of his home in Santa Ana.

Over one weekend in September, journalism students at Santa Ana College were asked to document their everyday lives. The assignment: make a photograph that shows others what it looks like to be living through this time right now.

What would normally be a bustling college campus seems to be empty as SAC continues to have nearly 70% of their classes only available online. 

Stephanie Martinez was playing around with her camera to take pictures of her dog Rusty soaking in the sun inside the house.

Eli Gutierrez weight lifts in the evening, from his home garage to the sound of hip hop beats.

Mason Lee Graham (far left) plays on the phone while out in his backyard with family. Backyard gatherings have become a common weekend event for this family since the pandemic. 

Spending quality time with full-time working parents is difficult. Father of two, he drives his family to Claim Jumper for a rare family outing during the pandemic.

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