Mass Effect Fans Finally Know More About New Andromeda Video Game

Screenshot from Mass Effect Andromeda. / Courtesy Bioware

Fans of the Mass Effect series of role-playing video games will have a new galaxy to explore next year.

For this year’s N7 day, an unofficial holiday for the games celebrated on November 7, Bioware blessed fans of the Mass Effect trilogy with a new trailer for and more information about the next installment of the series, titled Mass Effect Andromeda.

Mass Effect Andromeda takes place 600 years after the events of the original games and in the Andromeda Galaxy. Several species from the Milky Way Galaxy, including humans, seek to explore and inhabit the hospitable worlds of the Helios Cluster.

The game will follow Ryder, the playable character who is a participant of the Andromeda Initiative, as they become the Pathfinder for the Hyperion Ark. The Andromeda Initiative is a 600-year-long one-way mission to travel to and explore the Andromeda Galaxy. Participants of the Andromeda Initiative travel in arks, or giant spaceships, in cryostasis and will wake up near their goal destination. Each ark has a Pathfinder, a group of people who have undergone special training will be the leaders of the ark they are assigned to.

In the games plot, the arks leave the Milky Way in 2185, the year before its potential destruction by the Reapers, sentient synthetic beings set on destroying all intelligent life in the Milky Way. Commander Shepard, the playable character of the original series, the last hope for the Milky Way either saved or left the fate of the galaxy to the Reapers.

Unfortunately, it does not seem that the fate of the Milky Way will be visited in the next installment. Fans of the series are left with their own stories of the events after the end of Mass Effect 3.

Huge fans of Mass Effect will be glad to hear new information about Mass Effect Andromeda to be released in the coming months before the game’s official release in early 2017.

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