Easy Hidden Hikes in Orange County


By Alex Robles

Hikes do not have to be spectacular. A hike should help you relax and get outdoors. Orange County is full of fun and easy spots. Here are a few:

There is a hill off of Fairmont and Rimcrest Drive in Yorba Linda with a nice view of Orange County, from Yorba Linda to Newport Beach. Most of the trail is on Ridge Road, which is a fire road. This trail is one of the best to trek in the morning because the sun rises from behind the Santa Ana Mountains and the sky lights up in vibrant colors. The trail is fairly flat, with two minor inclines. The trail starts at the end of Rimcrest, which is a cul-de-sac.

Oak Canyon Nature Center is in Anaheim Hills off Nohl Ranch Road. The Nature Center is small but has many looping trails. One leads to the Walnut Canyon Reservoir; where you can walk around and enjoy a top-side view. Plus, benches face the artificial lake where you can watch the sunset.

Slightly more intense than the others is another Anaheim Hills hike. This trail is accessible from Imperial Highway and Via Escola. One incline is steep and tiring if you do not hike regularly. A view of the ocean and the Los Angeles skyline is the reward. Round trip is less than an hour.

The most relaxing hikes are done by the beach. Crystal Cove, Corona Del Mar, Huntington Beach and Newport Beach all offer trails ranging from easy to difficult. The benefit to those trails is you can just jump in the water to cool off if it gets too hot.

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