Students Paint SAC Anniversary Murals

A student paints a mural at the Johnson Center. / el Don / Arleeny Escarcega

By Arleeny Escarcega

Art students and volunteers are painting a mural on the walls of the Johnson Center in honor of Santa Ana College’s 100th anniversary.

“It creates pride and brings people together,” said Darren Hostetter, assistant professor of studio art in the fine and performing arts division.

There are roughly 15 students, as well as some volunteers, currently working on four U-Building murals.

The murals are based on real photographs students found in the el Don archives. They plan to add more murals to the collection before next weeks Sept. 19 celebration.

They started working on the murals on Sept. 4.

“I’m really impressed with the students’ enthusiasm, energy and their commitment to the project,” Hostetter said.

This project is also part of the new mural classes being offered after a 10-year hiatus.

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