Snapchat Update Reinvents the Selfie

Courtesy TNS
Courtesy TNS
Courtesy TNS

By John Olivares

Snapchat just got a new update.

The latest version of the media sharing app, which came to iOS and Android Tuesday, came with a set of new selfie tools, in-app purchases, a new Trophy case feature and more.

One feature that many have taken notice of is a new tool that places cartoon elements over users’ faces. All one has to do is press and hold on their face using the front facing camera to activate the cool new component.

Using facial recognition technology, Snapchat is able to alter the user’s face in real-time with a variety of lenses. The new lenses come with the opportunity to age one’s face, spew a rainbow, turn your face into a demon and more.

There are 8 different effects right now.

According to a Snapchat announcement, they will be swapping in new lenses in order to stay fresh.

Snapchat also launched its first in-app purchases, offering users the chance to buy the ability to replay already-seen pictures and videos.

This option to replay previously opened snaps was introduced almost two years ago, with users given one per day to use. Now, you can buy 3 replays for 99 cents or 20 for $4.99.

A new trophies section was also part of the app update. This not only gives users the chance to stay on track with how many snaps they exchange, it gives them bragging rights.

Each trophy is a different emoji that represents achievements, such as reaching a certain score or using a particular feature.

Minor changes throughout Snapchat can be found as well. When in camera mode, users can tap on the screen and a new focus icon briefly appears. When viewing friends’ stories, the top right circle icon has been streamlined.

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With these updates, Snapchat is now giving its users the ability to see themselves and interact in a whole new way.

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