Downtown Santa Ana’s East End Gets It’s Own Dining Hall And Culinary Center


With 15 unique food stands, including a European-inspired butcher shop and an artisanal food shop, 4th Street Market is a modern take on traditional food markets.

In the morning, guests can choose from specialty coffee, innovative juice blends and breakfast pastries. But most of the stands open at noon, offering cuisine ranging from Thai-inspired noodles to craft beer and wine.

The 30-year-old building was renovated in 2014 to house more than 300 seats, 10 separate rental kitchens and restaurants scattered across the room. The outdoor dining area features several cutting-edge graffiti walls created by renowned artists Tyke and Ewok.

Taking over the entire east wing is the East End Kitchens, a collection of 10 fully equipped kitchens that up-and-coming artisans and chefs can rent by the hour. After renting the space, they will have the opportunity to showcase their work at Honor Roll, an on-site specialty food market.

The multi-functional space, FoodBeast Kitchen & Studio, can be used for anything from cooking classes to book signings. The market is located at 201 E. 4th St. and is open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday.


Torch S’more Co.

By Joanna P. Uriostegui

Torch S’more Co. provides a campfire experience while dining indoors.

It offers three flavors of handcrafted graham cookies, including classic, chocolate and vanilla. The marshmallows come in vanilla, chai or espresso and are warmed up on a skewer that creates a sticky texture that holds the two cookies together. Guests can choose between Hershey’s milk or dark chocolate, the messiest and best part of the s’more.

These tasty custom creations are available for only $4 each.




By R. Nicanor Santana

At Chunk-N-Chip, where you can build your own ice cream sandwich, you’re free to experiment with different tastes like banana cream pie and bourbon ice cream between gluten-free, maple-pecan cookies.

Dubbed “sammiches,” the Chunk-N-Chip creations are a do-it-yourself dessert experience, all served on a biodegradable plate.

The stand makes small batches of classics like strawberry and mango mousse along with seasonal flavors like mocha espresso with coco puffs, pumpkin with marshmallow swirls and chocolate raspberry truffle.

Whether it’s an ice cream in a waffled cone, scoops or “sammiches,” the variety will fill your sweet spot and satisfy your quest for exclusive flavors.

Portola Coffee Lab

By Kevin Vazquez

4th Street Market embodies the lively and diverse scene of Downtown Santa Ana. Front and center is Portola Coffee Lab. The octagon-shaped open-service counter lets the consumer experience the making of their drink from start to finish.

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The variety on the menu may be intimidating to coffee beginners, but the Lab’s baristas quickly put those worries to rest. The prices are reasonable, from their $2.75 espresso to their most-expensive $5 mocha.

Diverging from the coffee shop chain model, the Lab focuses on the flavors of natural ingredients and informing the public about the science of coffee.

Noodle Tramp

By Matthew Salzer

Noodle Tramp specializes in variations of the northern Thai dish Khao Soi. This delicacy made with Chinese noodles is spiked with peppers and accompanied by chicken and peanuts.

Chug down a glass of the house cola, a fizzy soda explosion that eases the kick.

Radical Botanicals

By Edson Valenzuela

Radical Botanicals offers a variety of fresh juices prepared and bottled daily along with smoothies and other fruity and vegetarian treats.

Available in sturdy 16-ounce glass bottles, the juices vary in flavors from sweet to earthy. Beet Street, one of RadBot’s signature drinks, includes beets, spinach, turmeric, orange, pineapple, and honey served in a chilled bottle. With subtle flavors and bold ingredients, Beet Street is a refreshment that can be enjoyed on the go.

An $8 price point is steep, but those looking for a natural, healthy energy boost may find themselves with scant options aside from popular corporate chains. This makes Radical Botanicals a no brainer for those craving a juicy treat.

Recess Libations

By R. Nicanor Santana

As the only bar inside 4th Street Market, Recess Libations is the spot to get drinks like craft beer, wine and cocktails — all of which are served from 18 rotating taps.

There are six beers on tap, ranging from pilsners to IPAs, with different levels of alcohol content and taste. The Noble Big Whig IPA is a citrusy, smooth and tangy treat that is locally brewed in Anaheim.

Owned and operated by the team behind DTSA’s local gastropub Playground, Recess also offers six wines and six pre-mixed cocktails with tequila, gin or vodka.

You can purchase beer and cocktails at a few of the restaurants inside 4th Street and your order will be ready for pick-up at Recess Libations.

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