Normal is the New Black

Plain Jane / Normcore, a new fashion style emphasizing simple, ordinary clothing is gaining popularity in the United States. / Courtesy Gap Inc.

By Nashe Harley

Normcore wants you to blend in with a crowd rather than stand out. Described by many as self-aware, stylized blandness, the trend makes use of clothing items that would typically be viewed as boring or unremarkable and passes them on to hipsters and the fashion obsessed.

The typical Normcore devotee could be seen wearing faded jeans, an off-white turtleneck and a pair of New Balance kicks.

While fashion usually aims to make people stand out and be seen, Normcore does the opposite.

Vogue magazine and designers like Chanel have even started to incorporate the trend in their collections, pairing designer pieces with sneakers, plain sweatshirts and zip-up vests.

“It’s weird, I think it’s more of an anti-trend than anything else” Santa Ana College student Lily Realzola said.

Normies say that dressing down allows them to focus more on a person’s individual qualities and less on what they are wearing.

The appearance of a blank slate helps them fit in with less fashion-minded people, and lets them see what really makes that person unique beyond their initial appearance.

Others believe that the trend, like many others, is just a way to do something different than what you normally would. And like other trends before it, Normcore’s influence may be short-lived.



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