Concert Review: Arcade Fire Steals Show At Coachella

Robert Gauthier / MCT Campus
Robert Gauthier / MCT Campus

By Aaron Vasquez 

Front barricade for Arcade Fire was a crushing experience, literally. Hipsters smoking joints and drunken bros wearing Native American headdresses pushed concertgoers to get as close to the stage as possible. A weekend in the Coachella valley left most people burned out, but the crowd still waits.

I’ve seen them perform 3 years prior and that show blew me away. My hopes were as high as most of the people around me.

The main lights go off and the bands silhouettes appear. The opening beat to their new single Reflektor starts blaring. Despite having little space the crowd finds room to dance.

“Hi, we’re Arcade Fire and I promise to give you every ounce of energy we got,” lead singer Win Butler yelled to a jumping crowd.

And they kept their promise.

The fans mirrored the bands bravado: singing every word to every song.

Arcade Fire closed down the festival, leaving attendees thrilled after enduring 100-degree weather.

I threw out my voice and felt beat up the next day, but it was well worth it to experience one of my favorite bands live.


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