Snake Coils His Way Back

Stranglehold / In the latest installment of Metal Gear, close quarter combat and stealth take reign over wild-gun play. / Courtesy of Kojima

By JP Chabot

The latest installment of the stealth-action series of video games was so big that its creator Hideo Kojima felt that it needed to be split into multiple releases.

Metal Gear Solid V’s full version, The Phantom Pain, will be released within the year. For now gamers have the budget-priced and scaled down prologue Ground Zeroes.

Set in a futuristic 1974, Ground Zeroes immediately follows Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, where the player amassed a huge mercenary army to fight a force of giant nuclear-equipped robots invading Costa Rica.

Sneaking into Camp Omega, series protagonist Snake is required to maneuver past patrolling guards. The base can be fully explored, but the guards are smarter this time around. Snake needs to stick to shadows, move slowly and use distractions to get around and rescue his kidnapped comrades.

Completing the main story mission may take around 90 minutes. Each new mission takes place in the same location, but at different times of day, with different objectives that turn the whole map around. For example, a sunset-lit map provides long but narrow shadows to hunt down two assassins hiding in the base.

Gamers hungering for a new stealth game won’t be disappointed should they decide to conquer this game’s challenges.