Tumble away…

Scroll through photos, videos and quotes from other Tumblr blogs.
Scroll through photos, videos and quotes from other Tumblr blogs. (Photo courtesy Tumblr website)

Tumble-blogging has taken over the Net.

With the ever growing number of social media websites, Tumblr has set itself apart with its short-form blogging concept also known as tumble-blogging.

New Yorker David Karp launched Tumblr in February 2007, in hopes to change the way we communicated with each other. Six years later and at 101.8 million blogs, Tumblr shows no intentions of stopping. From any device capable of an Internet connection you can post text, photos, videos, links and music.

From business start-ups to cat enthusiasts, Tumblr has let people and corporations express themselves in a way that no other social media site can.

With Facebook and Twitter we can read what everyone is doing even if we don’t care to, but with this site you show more of yourself with photos of your favorite movies and bands, or rip apart a sports team for playing poorly.

What makes it so different is the anonymity provided in the network of blogs. You can say or do what you want to express your opinion, or just blatantly rant with little to no backlash from anyone.

Tumblr is a network that can be an extension of who you are.

Many have started life-long careers with it that have grown into corporations, and others enjoy scrolling through their dashboard and seeing what piques their interest. Visit the el Don’s Tumblr at eldonnewspaper.tumblr.com for the latest news on campus.

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