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For the first time in a decade, the Main Campus Art Gallery will feature an all-photography exhibit. Visual Integration: Interpreting the Cultural and Visual Landscape, with portraits and nature photography by six Vietnamese visual artists.

“We wanted to show the portfolio for the Vietnamese community,” said photographer Tri Tran. “We like to represent the community to offer them our best artwork.”

The pieces vary from landscapes to portraits. The carbon prints from Tran stand out as the focal point of the gallery. Combining contemporary and early photographic styles, his simple compositions make for stunning images.

Tran uses a style called carbon transfer, a format popularized from 1850 to 1870. Most of his work uses specialized techniques. The process takes anywhere from a few weeks to several months to complete a single piece of work.

“His style of photography is very traditional” said Gallery Director Phil Marquez. “He was the one that brought all these artists together for the gallery.”

The show also features canvas prints from renown photographer Nick Ut, who received widespread acclaim for his Pulitzer Prize winning photograph, Fleeing Napalm Bomb Attack. Ut’s documentary style prints are a snapshot of life in Vietnam from past through present.

The collection will be in on display until April 4.



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