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It is all good in the neighborhood: SAC Faculty Artists Walk in the Village.

Hilary Clinton nailed it. Speaking of what it takes to raise a child, she said, “It takes a village.” This same idea applies to art.

The Santa Ana Artists Village — a web of art galleries, restaurants, cafes, lounges and shops — provides a platform for free-spirited, artistic expression both for artists and art enthusiasts.

An ideal locale to showcase their creative individuality at the opening ceremony Saturday, several creatively inclined Santa Ana College faculty members displayed their work during the “Artists in Residence” exhibition, led by gallery director and SAC arts professor Phillip Marquez.

The “Artists in Residence” exhibit runs through May 5. The SAC Arts Gallery, located in the Santora Building in downtown Santa Ana, is an ongoing space used by the college for about six different shows each year, says Marquez. The gallery also displays art by other professional artists and high school students from the area.

“Santa Ana College has been a tenant for 15 years,” said Marquez, of the gallery, noting that it provides “outreach for the community.”

Among other courses, Marquez teaches Gallery Production, Art 124, which teaches students ‘behind-the scenes’ dynamics of running an art gallery. During the opening night event, students enrolled in this course were clearly running the show.

Gallery assistant and SAC student Rita Valencia is in Marquez’s class. As she greeted the visitors, she simultaneously ran a tally. Her results: about 600 people streamed in halfway through the evening.

The visitors enjoyed an eclectic mix that pushed boundaries, incorporating a few surprises such as ‘Yarn on Surgical Instruments,’ ‘Aesthetics of Decay’ and a 3-D rendering of a ceramics studio. Traditional artistic genres were also shown, including clay, acrylic oil and watercolor paintings, photography, metal objects.

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The ambience of overhead lights, jazz music and delicate hors d’ouvres contributed to an evening of energy and elegance. For the stimulation and celebration of art, it does indeed take a village. The Santa Ana Artists Village.

The Santora Building is located at 207 N. Broadway, Santa Ana, CA 92701.

A series of photos of women and girls lying in the wood on display, accent with real tree branches as decor.

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