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Don’t break the bank on Valentine’s Day. Memories can be made instead of bought.


Many feel pressured to dish out big bucks for their lover.

But the financial demands of college life can make one stress about how they are going to spend Valentine’s Day.

As always, make quality win over quantity. Think smarter not harder. “It’s the thought that counts,” is proving true around campus.

Here are a few suggestions for those battling between gift ideas and budget woes. Do it yourself this year.

Remember, “it’s the thought that counts”, and what says “I love you” better than something homemade? Cards with words from your heart, a CD mix of his/her favorite hits or easy-to-do crafts like scented candles.

Spend time with your valentine. Visiting a theater is not spending time together because you are both fixated on the screen and not on each other. Instead, have a romantic evening at home with a movie you can talk through, pause and rewind.

Comedies or action movies are great options. Follow that with a home-cooked meal and a walk around the park star-gazing.

Or, you can do as the Romans do when in Rome — buy a cliché gift.

There will be plenty of corner vendors selling flowers, heart-shaped chocolates, heart shaped balloons and stuffed animals for those looking to pick-up something at the last minute.


Q: What are you getting your love on Valentine’s Day?


Plan of attack is to pick up some flowers and balloons and head out to dinner. I’m not sure where we are going after but I want to spend time with my girlfriend. Debating on catching a movie, or not, as well.
Portrait of Albert Lopez

This year I agreed to be spoiled by my boyfriend. I’m spoiling him on the mid-west holiday Sweetest Day. Against his wishes, I’m still getting him a card and chocolate. I have a secret surprise for him too.

Portrait of Eliza Armas
My girlfriend and I are heading to Las Vegas. We’ve been together for eight years and we plan to get married in Las Vegas. I also got her a bracelet and a necklace and, of course, flowers and a card.
Portrait of Victor Martinez

I’m still deciding on what to get my boyfriend. I’m going to start with a homemade card. I’m good at baking so I’m going to bake a cookie cake or a regular cake. I’m looking forward to spending time with him.

Portrait of Elizabeth Luna

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