A fading Starr burns out


The future does not look bright for Ringo Starr’s latest album, Ringo 2012. Released Jan. 31, it is an underwhelming musical experience that even the notoriety of a former Beatle isn’t likely to salvage.

In a style recognizably Starr’s, the music itself is less than remarkable.

The musical production is disappointing, with each song sounding like a karaoke background track.

With Joe Walsh, formerly of the Eagles, on lead guitar, fans of classic rock would expect a skilled performance. However, Walsh’s interludes are so basic that his presence on the album is hardly noteworthy.

Ringo Starr’s time spent with the Beatles gave him a rock ‘n’ roll reputation as a talented drummer.

Unfortunately, this album displays none of that talent and instead delivers mundane beats easily produced on a drum machine.

Starr’s lyrics are often silly, but on this album they just sound awkward. He desperately seeks rhymes with little regard for lyrical flow.

Starr’s new album is destined to be tuned out, like the rest of his career after the Beatles broke up.

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