What’s that smell?


Educate yourself about popular cologne choices for any occasion and know the ingredients that go in your bottle. These scents will keep you smelling fresh even in the stickiest situations:

Blue Spruce Basil Sandal Wood Orange Bloossoms
Pine leaves shape bluish white Blue Spruce leaves growing on reddish stem Green Basil leaves Blocks of Sandal Wood Blooming Orange Bloosom flowers
Used for lumber and making guitars, blue spruce also relieves muscle tension and increases circulation. The name basil comes from the Greek word for king, and is suggested f1or easing anxiety and headaches. Now endangered due to overzealous harvesting, sandal wood oil is a valuable and an expensive raw material. Orange tree flowers, or orange blossoms, symbolize good fortune and are also Florida’s state flower.

The alarm clock sounds and you realize that you are super late for class. You throw on the first shirt and jeans you see and take off, neglecting to punctuate your day’s presentation with a good smell. One thing a guy can’t deny is that smelling fresh is a necessity. Here are four men’s scents that are guaranteed to let everyone know you are anything but late:

John Varvatos * USA
YSL Breaks Free
Lacoste Blue
Gucci’s Guilty for Him
A bottle of John Vartatos USA fragrance A bottle of Yves Saint Lauren Breaks Free fragrance A bottle of Lacoste Blue fragrance A bottle of Gucci's Guilty for Him fragrance
Mixing red ginger, juniper berries, cedar, and blue spruce gives you this bold scent for that guy brave enough to make a statement. Star USA is perfect for the flight back home to visit your family for the holidays. Spray a little and make an impression on the person sitting next to you on the plane. Prices for this cologne range from $55.00 – $70.00 and is available at www.johnvarvatos.com. Sweet nutmeg and basil create bold undertones that are intoxicating enough to make your date move a little closer. Multiple sizes range from $45.00 -$75.00. Available at www.yslbeautyus.com. Fresh cut fern opens up to peppermint extract with hints of grapefruit. The aroma is perfect for those late night study groups. Smelling bad will be the last thing on your mind. Comes in various sizes ranging from $39.00 – $62.00. Purchase at www.lacoste.com. Gucci’s “Guilty for Him” smells like Italian lemon and mandarin orange with crisp green leaves and pink pepper. This fearless scent is perfect for a road trip to Las Vegas. Be the only guy in the car who actually smells like he’s going to get lucky. Prices and bottle sizes range from $33.00 – $73.00.
Available at www.gucciparfums.com.
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