Profile on Phil Marquez


Newly hired full time art gallery director Phil Marquez stares at the blank wall, mentally placing the priceless art surrounding him. “Where should I put this Don Bachardy piece?” he asks out loud. The deadline for the opening of one of the college gallery’s biggest exhibits looms.

Marquez is curating the extensive collection of Joan Quinn, which includes works by iconic artists like Ed Ruscha and Jean Michel Basquiat.

“Phil is just fantastic to work with,” Quinn said.

Some would argue that with his dark hair, lean build and symmetrical face Marquez could have spent more time in front of the lens instead of behind it. But he’s also an artist at work, shooting a series revealing the stories behind day laborers. You may also find him playing “mad scientist” in his darkroom developing photos, or chasing around his two rescue dogs.

“He brings a new and fresh perspective to the position,” said Caroline McCabe, art gallery coordinator, who has worked closely with Marquez for the last four years.

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