Inner beauty – The art of moving


Choreography examines the emotions that fuel the insecurities of imperfection.

The Santa Ana College Dance Department spring production The Art of Moving presented an emotional cycle of dances that revealed the self-doubts and body-image issues that concern both men and women.

Gabriel Mata’s piece Hidden Layers evoked emotions in the audience as the dancers communicated through body movement the hidden layers in a person’s relationship with their own body.

The dance was simple and sharp yet enormously powerful. His piece hit home when it came to displaying self-perceptions, and how people often fail to recognize there is much more to everyone than their appearance.

“The dancers were very intense and took it seriously,” said Dance Department Chair Eve Kikawa. “The performances were just beautiful, and it was by far one of the best choreographed student concerts we’ve had.”

It was obvious that every ounce of energy the dancers had to give was invested into the show. The choreography and choice of music flowed together beautifully and kept the audience intrigued.

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