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A car going fast while making a sharp turn.

Driving fast is the ultimate high, but like any other drug, it’s often illegal. Being in control of a powerful machine barreling down an open road is a good way to blow off steam or to test your mental and physical stamina.

When video games aren’t enough, two options come to mind. You can take your car to a legitimate race track, or you can go indoor karting. For $20, Pole Position Raceway in Corona offers a fast and competitive karting experience with each race lasting 14 laps.

All you need are closed-toed shoes. The track provides the space, the helmet, and the kart.

“Our mechanic used to be our best customer. He came the first day we opened our doors and returned at least once a week after that. We decided to get him a job here,” manager Justin Cocanour said.

After opening in Corona in 2005, PPR went on to open another location in Murrieta, two in Nevada, one in Oklahoma, and their newest location in New York.

The electric engine lacks noise and the intoxicating smell of gasoline, but the gut-punching torque that comes instantly and the ability to have a closed, air-conditioned track makes it more enjoyable.

Adam’s Motorsports Park in Riverside starts its day as an outdoor go-kart and super moto track, but at 6 p.m. on Tuesdays real cars get the run of the course.

For $28, you can take nine laps in your own car around the narrow course.

For drifting enthusiasts, there is also an Adam’s Drift Night on Thursdays, where rubber turns to filthy smoke.

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It’s not a matter of passing everyone — that’s dangerous for such a small track. Instead, you are racing the clock trying to set the fastest lap.

Each lap is less than a mile, but the winding tight turns and relatively long straights take agility, skill and courage.

But many times that has led to the destruction of a bumper or even an entire car. You have to trust yourself and know how far you can push it. If you think you can’t go any further, then don’t.

Pick safe corners and experiment there with room to go off the side.

When your car finally reaches the starting line, you’ll be prepared instead of scared. Take a deep breath, be alert, look ahead and go for it.


  • The faster you’re willing to go, the later you should brake coming into a corner. But know how much you can handle. Biting too much off an S-turn leads to needless destruction.
  • Before going on a real track, get as much practice as you can with go-karts and video games. This is how pros do it. Plus, it saves you from paying repair bills.
Two guys riding around in bumper cars.

A car going fast while making a sharp turn.

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