Dealing With Rule Change


By Matthew Salzer   

All-American sophomores Richie Miranda and Andrew Schulte want to improve on the Dons’ fourth place team finish last year.

“I’m looking forward to the beginning of the season. I want to finish strong, finish on top and have a great year,” Miranda said.

Newcomers Adam Alvarado and twins Joaquin and Ronnie Collins join a 47-year program that has won three state titles and 28 individual championships.

“Hopefully by December we can put together a pretty solid team. We always seem to do that,” Head Coach Vince Silva said.

But a rule change puts smaller programs like Santa Ana College at a disadvantage, Silva said.

Teams are allowed to field 12 wrestlers instead of 10 during postseason.

“Sacramento and Fresno City, with 90 people on their roster, get to bring 12 people,” Silva said.

SAC had 20 wrestlers in 2013.

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