Forward thinking


Ivan Orozco wearing red Dons jersey standing in the field looking seriously with his arms behind his waist.MEN’S SOCCER: Athletic profile.

“We work hard so we can play hard. You can see it in the games.” – Ivan Orozco

In his first year, Santa Ana College Freshman Forward Ivan Orozco has proven to be the clutch player that the Dons needed on the offensive side of the ball.

Orozco has scored seven times in his first eight games, putting him on top of the scoring list for SAC.

“This kid has a real knack for goals. He’s a finesse player. You give him the ball and he’s going to cut or shoot,” Head Coach Jose Vasquez said.

Orozco has shown strength as a team player with two assists on the season. Without a doubt, Orozco will be a headache for Orange Empire Conference defenders.

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