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Don's baseball player Trevor Magno wearing number 4 Don's jersey pitching on the field and is just about to let go of the baseball. ______________BASEBALL PLAYER PROFILE

Trevor Magno may not look like the best player on the team, but his impact says otherwise.

“He is not the most physically talented player we’ve ever had, but he makes up for it by knowing how to play the game,” Head Coach Don Sneddon said.

At the beginning of the season Magno played second base, but an injury to sophomore Andy Peterson forced Sneddon to play Magno at shortstop, the position he played regularly as a freshman.

“You can throw him in any position on the diamond and he’ll find a way to get it done,” sophomore third baseman Adrian Garcia said.

Magno is an intelligent infielder with the tenacity of a rabid honey badger. His strong work ethic and an unparalleled understanding of the game cement his role as a team leader.

“I’ve never seen his uniform clean,” Garcia added.

Sneddon moved Magno up in the batting order, along with the defensive position switch. Until recently, Trevor hit last. Now, he is batting leadoff for the Dons.

“He is a clutch hitter. He knows how to get on base, so it really wasn’t much of an adjustment for him,” Sneddon said.

Leadoff hitters see multiple pitches to set the tone for teammates, put the ball in play and get on base. Magno battles deep in counts, fouls off tough pitches, and he is not afraid to hit with two strikes.

“He doesn’t change his approach. He is a great two-strike hitter and if he gets his pitch early in the count he is going to hack,” Garcia said. “He does a good job staying up the middle and of hitting the ball the other way.”

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The baseball field is Magno’s playground and his perpetual smile and laugh show his love for the game.

“I love baseball. I love everything about it. I don’t have a favorite part, I just like baseball,” Magno said.


  • .348 – In 138 at bats Magno picked up 48 hits leading to a .348 batting average.
  • 75% – In 16 stolen base attempts Magno made it safely a team-leading 12 times.
  • .448 – Magno reached base on nearly 45 percent of his 165 plate appearances.

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