Parking fees return for Fall 2021

A recently added sign in lot 5 vaguely directs disabled students to a pay station in one of the neighboring lots. Photo by Thomas Roberton
After giving students a bit of a break during the two  and a half semester closure, parking fees are back for Fall 2021.  All students and staff are required to pay for parking again, and this time it also includes those with handicap placards.

While California Civil Code 22511.5 states that those who utilize disabled parking spots can be charged in public lots that charge all other users,  this is the first time at Santa Ana college that disabled students have been required to pay for parking. 

Metered Pay stations are in every parking lot except lots 3 and 5. Lot 3 is a visitor parking lot where permits from the machines are not valid, and Lot 5 is opened to teachers and disabled students.  If you plan to park in lot 5, you will need to go to another parking lot first to get a receipt.

Things to know:

  • Student Parking Permit for Fall 2021 – $30.00
  • Disabled Student Parking Permit for Fall 2021 – $20.00
  • Daily Parking permit is $2.00 per day
  • Fine for parking without a permit – $45.00
  • Payment Machines Take Change, Bills, and Credit/Debit cards
  • Disabled students may park in the handicap stalls in a teacher’s parking lot, but can not can park in a regular teacher’s spot.
  • Parking Citation Service Center 1-866-420-2908
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