Victims Raise Awareness of Domestic and Sexual Violence



By Meghan Kliewer

The Clothesline Project traveled to Santa Ana College Wednesday for Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

The Clothesline Project began in 2001, with eight shirts decorated by victims to promote awareness of domestic and sexual violence, according to Dawn Foor, the prevention education and outreach supervisor of Community Service Programs.

“The message is really important,” said SAC student Marcos Rosales. “Not a lot of people are very aware of domestic violence, I wasn’t until this brought the issue to my attention.”

In 14 years, residents of Orange County have contributed over 900 shirts to the clothesline, according to Foor.

This is the third semester the project has traveled to SAC.

There is a good turnout of males and females, and this semester the event attracted about 150 students with 13 choosing to decorate a shirt, according to Christina Duong, the SAC health educator.

“I love that men are involved with this project also, and that they’ll make shirts for women in their lives,” said Foor.

About a third of the shirts added to the clothesline are from students of campuses CSP visits, said Foor.

“If we didn’t have this project, students would be less likely to speak up and talk about it,” said Duong.

The Clothesline Project also visits SAC in April for Sexual Assault Awareness Month.




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