Digital Media Center Opens Doors To Community

Mike Taylor

Mike Taylor

By Itzel Quintana

The Digital Media Center opened its doors to the community during an Open House event in conjunction with the OC Film Fiesta on Oct. 16.

Attendees were gathered into groups and guided around the facility by faculty members. TV/Video Communications instructor and department chair, Randy Schultz led the first half of the tour from the studio control room and ended at the studio stage.

Schultz explained the department’s goal of preparing students for work in the TV/Video industry or for transfer to four-year universities by providing hands on learning experiences with state of the art equipment.

Most students finish program requirements within two years, but for others it may take longer.

“It comes naturally to some students and others find out that this isn’t what they want to do,” Schultz said. “But in the process those students are exposed to something else they fall in love with.”

According to Schultz, most students return after they have completed the program and explain how they benefited from the equipment that was at their disposal inside the facility.

Broadcast Journalism instructor, Mike Taylor then led the group inside the Multi-Camera Production room where he detailed the process students go through in order to write and report local news.

The groups were then led to Digital Media Arts and Music Production classrooms where instructors described programs and equipment students utilize in their courses.

Attendees were encouraged to ask presenting instructors questions regarding their classes and the facility.

Digital Media Arts instructor, Stephanie Clark provided the Spring schedule for her department, informing guests of the new variety of classes and times offered.

According to John Marr, a Digital Music Production instructor, the music department is in the process of adding a video game music production class for next Fall’s schedule.

The Open House provided a great opportunity to network with individuals and discover the offerings at the Digital Media Center.




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