Don Bookstore Launches Free Loyalty Rewards Program


By Jovany Leon

The Don Bookstore launched a free loyalty rewards program at the start of the semester that students and faculty can join to earn points on every purchase.

The rewards program has been in the works for over a year, according to Don Bookstore manager Thomas Bonetati.

“I wanted to give back to students and staff for purchasing from the bookstore,” Bonetati said.

New customers, upon making their first purchase with the card, can redeem a free drink worth up to $3 when purchasing an item either at the Don Express, SAC Café or Don Bookstore.

Points are earned with every purchase and can be redeemed for free items, such as T-shirts or sweatshirts.

More than 1,000 customers signed up for the rewards program within the first two weeks, said Rhonda Langston, director of auxiliary services. Of those, 650 people redeemed their first free drink. / jovany leon

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