Protestors For Missing Group


By Joanna Meza

Hundreds of angry activists stormed outside the Mexican Consulate in Downtown Santa Ana Nov. 20, counting from one to 43 in Spanish, “uno, dos, tres…”

The numbers represent the 43 students who disappeared in Iguala, Guerrero in September.

On their way to protest an event being held by the Iguala mayor’s wife, the students were stopped by local police and detained. Details of their whereabouts after that remain unclear.

Marchers gathered at Cabrillo Park and walked about a mile with posters in hand, yelling, “Alive you took them; alive we want them.”

Mass graves were found in Cocula, Jalisco in October, but none contained the students’ remains.

Mexican authorities suspect all the young people are dead, but others believe differently.

“We still have hope they’re alive,” said Catalina Chavez, a Santa Ana resident.

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