Safety Officers On Lookout For Suspected Scammer


By el Don staff

An unknown male scamming people for money on Southern California college campuses targeted students at Santiago Canyon College, safety officials said.

A safety alert issued by the school that the suspect was on campus last week posing as an ASG member selling tickets to a school function. He was collecting cash and credit card information from a number of people.

The man is not affiliated with ASG in any way, the flyer stated.

District safety officials sent out an email yesterday warning faculty, staff and administrators to be on the look out for the brown-haired suspect.

After being forwarded numerous times, staff from other schools in the area reported seeing him on campus. Some teachers said he spoke to their classes. So far, sightings of him occurred at Cal State Fullerton, College of the Canyons and LA Harbor.

Anyone who sees him is asked to immediately contact Safety and Security at 714-564-6330

Safety Alert

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