ICE Releases Immigrant


By Joanna Meza

Santa Ana Police officers are currently under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for a beating that was recorded on video.

Santa Ana resident Edgar Vargas Arzate, 27, was beaten by Santa Ana police officers while being arrested on suspicion of burglary. He was later detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The Department of Justice intervened on Vargas’s behalf to have him freed after a six-week detention at the Theo Lacy ICE facility.

ICE Spokesperson Virginia Kice confirmed Vargas’ release last week following receipt of a federal court warrant.

The government asked for Vargas’ release because he is a potential victim of a crime.

A home surveillance video shows a prone Vargas lying face down in the front yard of a house where police cornered him.

“He’s in his room most of the time, he’s depressed,” said Olivia Arzate, Edgar’s mom.

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