Cultural Awareness on Campus

Adrian Gonzalez / el Don
Adrian Gonzalez / el Don

By Jasmine Williams

Santa Ana College hosted the annual Latino Heritage Celebration event Wednesday afternoon.

SAC students gathered in the quad for annual Latino Heritage Celebration on Wednesday afternoon to celebrate diversity and cultural awareness.

With information booths, picture booths, and free Latin food such as Salvadoran pupusas, Cuban empanadas and croquetas offered, students were encouraged to learn more about Latin culture and heritage.

“It’s really kind of our goal with this whole event to really not only celebrate Latino heritage but kind of educate every one and you know to be respectful of other culture but also know that were all SAC students and even if we do come from different cultures we can all come together and unite as one, as one school,” said Public Relations Commissioner, Mia Salazar.

The importance of this event allows students from Latin as well other cultural backgrounds to come together and get to know each other on a more personal level. Being able to embrace and express feelings of being Latino especially on campus promoted positive reactions for participants in the event.

“Its nice to bring out things that are you know good about us and just having small events really make us happy makes. Makes us feel good about ourselves,” said Oscar Cortez, Inter Club Counsel Vice President.

“Since the large majority of the students attending SAC are of Latino heritage “ a lot of our students on our campus can relate to and I think that what makes this is one of our biggest events that we actually have,” Salazar added.

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