Dark Encounter

Howard Lee/ el Don
Howard Lee/ el Don

By: Jocelyne Poblador

A female student was forced to drive an unknown suspect to Target for a cell phone charger Oct. 2, according to campus safety officers.

The incident occurred in the parking lot south of the football field at about 7:45 p.m. The girl was asked for a cell phone charger.

When she did not have one, the suspect forced her to drive him to the Target across the street from campus to steal one.

The suspect was gone when she got out of the store. She was not harmed during the incident.

There were three safety officers patrolling campus that night, according to Lt. James Wooley District Safety and Security Supervisor.

Dividing 60 acres and 12 parking lots by three leaves a lot for the safety officers to patrol, said Lt. James Wooley. “We have increased patrols in that area.”

The suspect is described as a Latino, 20-21 years old, 5-foot-11-inches weighing 180 lbs. He has black hair combed to the side and brown eyes.

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