Strange love

In a dark room illuminated by a solitary spotlight, about 20 people watched stunned as two young men fuse surfer rock guitar and classical cello, hearing the birth of a new sound of pleasant but familiar cacophony.

Two music students, cellist David Lee and guitarist Michael Quinn improvised on pop music, stringing an odd fusion made for a great and interesting sound.

Santiago Canyon College hosted Strange Love, the second Annual open mic night on Feb. 14 that aimed to raise funds for the Inter Club Council.

The show began at 5:30 p.m. with Jacklynn Hudson’s an a cappella rendition of Adele’s “Rumor Has It.” Although the show consisted primarily of singers, it had other various acts.

With only dance music and a wooden stage as his backdrop, Christian Wu impressed with his dance moves.

“I thought it was well choreographed to the music and it was really good, that takes a lot of practice. His dance was amazing,” Luis Reyes said.

After the rousing musical performances English Professor Lennertz read three original poems, bringing the halfway point of the show to a humorous yet calming pause. The first poem was a satiric criticism of The Real Housewives series. The second was about the clocks in the E-building at SCC never synchronized with the rest of the school. His last poem was about his wife and the portrait he painted of her.

The indie rock band Sonder closed out the night with soothing yet powerful original songs.

“They were loud and seemed like they were the most confident up there, they really lit up the stage with their music,” student Julian Zavala said.

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The ICC charged $2 a ticket and delivered a show worth more than the price of admission.

“I would like another open mic night next semester. There was good music and good entertainment”, Aryanna Francisco said. The ICC raised more than $200 in ticket and food sales. The profits will fund clubs at SCC.

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