Crews scramble to finish Bristol Street entrance

Construction crews work around the clock to complete the Bristol Street entrance by Monday.
Upon completion, the Bristol Street entrance will don signs to match College Ave.

College Officials assure entrance will be open by first day of classes.

After six weeks of construction the campus entrance on Bristol Street closed since winter break will be open in time for the first day of classes, officials said.

The entrance closed during the winter break to allow for the beautification project celebrating Santa Ana College’s 100 years, said District Safety and Security Officer Lt. James Wooley.

However, the project will not be complete on the first day of the semester with landscaping going in before the end of February, said construction Project Manager Zane Cannady.

“It won’t be one hundred percent, but it will be accessible,” Cannady said.

Construction crews from Los Angeles-based Woodcliff Corporation have been working double shifts seven days a week to complete the project by Monday—the costs of which are all on Woodcliff.

“We bid the job and we have to get it done by our benchmark date,” said Cannady. “There just are not enough days to complete the project in this small window of time.”

The entrance is just one phase of the beautification project at SAC. Phase two, which will provide additional parking spaces, begins Feb 4.

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