Thanksgiving food drive


A woman carrying a full sized roasted turkey, with the top part of the woman's head cut off the photo, only showing her smile.The Thanksgiving Drive provides disadvantaged students with a nice meal. Collection of donations started Oct. 12, through Saturday. Donations will be delivered on Sunday where a tent will be placed and recipients will stop by the curb to receive donations by the Johnson Building in front of room U-106.

Last year, 55 families were adopted and 50 or more will be expected this year. First, they will recruit those Santa Ana College students who are referred by faculty members or other students. Based on the student’s special situation, their needs, number of family members and ages, John V. Vu compiles a family profile. Then the donors will make their donations and remain anonymous.

One prominent donor is psychology professor Jeffrey Pedroza and his students whose donations were worth about $4,000 last year.

Donations could vary from clothes, toys, gift cards and canned food. Volunteers can sign up starting Nov. 12 through Nov. 21. Up to 15 volunteers will be needed to appropriately sort the packages for the families. John V. Vu, faculty coordinator and in charged of the thanksgiving drive said the art of giving is very special and students also learn to appreciate that gift.

“Hopefully this year we help more student needy families to extend the hospitalities that Santa Ana College has to offer to students,” Vu said.

If you know somebody please referred him or her to Mr. Vu at the Service Learning Center in the U-building 204 B.

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