Student arrested after verbal assault


A verbal confrontation Wednesday between two students ended in an arrest after one threatened the other’s life.

The incident between a male and female student happened behind the Johnson Center, according to Supervisor of District Safety and Security Lt. James Wooley.

Wooley did not identify the two.

The verbal dispute escalated when the male student said, “he was going to kill the female student,” Wooley said. The female student called Campus Security, who then notified the Santa Ana Police Department.

When the SAPD arrived on campus, the male student was found at the Spot in the Johnson Center.

After the female student filed charges with the SAPD, the male student was arrested and suspended from SAC. A meeting between the suspect and a board of administrators at the college is scheduled.

Similar incidents have taken place on campus, Wooley said, but there is no reoccurring pattern of behavior.

“It could happen anywhere,” he said.

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