Parking Lot 12 will be closed for expansion


If you thought parking was a pain now, it is about to get worse when construction at the southwest corner of campus breaks ground Monday.

Construction begins mid-semester, a time during which many Santa Ana College students have trouble finding parking. During the renovation, Parking Lot 12 will be closed for expansion, along with portions of College Avenue and Campus Drive, until May 14, 2012.

“The planned construction may cause some short-term inconveniences. However, in the long run, the entire college community will benefit from the campus improvements that are coming soon,” said Santa Ana College President Erlinda Martinez.

Parking Lot 13 will still be accessible from both 17th and Artesia Streets.

The entire project, which includes a new soccer field on the corner of 17th Street and College Avenue and additional grandstands on the west side of the track is scheduled to be completed May 2013.

Passed by voters in 2002, Measure E allocated $337 million to renovate existing buildings and construct new classrooms and infrastructures throughout the district.

“None of these improvements would be possible if it were not for the funds available through Measure E passed by voters in 2002,” Martinez said.


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