Occupy movement revived by local donations


The money is there, but Occupy Orange Santa Ana protesters will not see a dime of it.

After approving a donation to the Occupy Orange County movement last year, the Associated Student Government handed food and supplies to two representatives during a Tuesday afternoon meeting.

Problem is, with Occupy Santa Ana no longer staging any continuous protests, the ASG decided that donating supplies would better serve the movement.

“We are not just talking and protesting the issues anymore,” said Nick Dorsey, who accepted the donations on behalf of the movement. “We are getting a lot done and moving forward.”

ASG voted to donate $200 in November, citing the importance of supporting the peaceful protest because many Santa Ana College students were actively demonstrating, said Senator Miguel Torres.

The supplies, including granola bars and water, will go to homeless people in Orange County, Dorsey said.

A committee of occupiers will decide dispersal of the supplies, since there is no longer an ongoing occupation in Santa Ana.

“At the moment I do not know exactly where the donation is going,” Dorsey added.

Occupy committees meet during the movement’s general assemblies, and must consist of at least twelve members, reaching a unanimous decision.

The fading movement has lost momentum since last fall, and the representatives present at the meeting hoped the donations would get the message back on track.

“We want to get people excited about this again,” said Sharon Tipton, who was present on behalf of the movement.

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