ASG donates $200 to Occupy movement


The Associated Student Government voted 7-2, to donate $200 to the Occupy Orange County movement Tuesday.

Senator of Humanities and Social Science Miguel Torres, who also goes by Micheal Towers, proposed the so-called Towers Resolution, three short paragraphs that justified donating money to a grass roots movement in which “many of the occupiers are students at Santa Ana College” he wrote in the resolution.

The money is going to be taken from a rainy day fund and will be used to supply basic goods including water, blankets and food.

“I voted in favor of it to support the peaceful protest of the unequal distribution of wealth in this country,” said John Hemingway, senator of exercise science. “I believe the people out there are taking the time to honestly represent me out there because I don’t have the time to be out there. We need to do our best to help those people in their peaceful protest.”

No poll or formal consensus of student opinions was taken.

“I believe the resolution came a bit late in the semester and it wasn’t brought about properly,” said Greg Wagstaff, senator of fine and performing arts, who voted no. “If we had a consensus of the students we could support the movement more fully. I don’t think we were acting as the students would want us to act.”

The proposal was heard during ASG’s last meeting before the winter break.

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