A sacred site of patriotism and renewal


To accompany the world’s tallest and sturdiest skyscraper, the footprints of the original Twin Towers have been transformed from gaping holes into two of the largest man-made waterfalls in the world. They are surrounded by more than 3,000 names of those lost on 9/11.
* Rendering by Squared Design Lab / Courtesy of the National 9/11 Museum

This  massive  retaining  wall  is  one  of  the few  structural parts of the Twin Towers to survive the attacks. It was foundational to Tower 1 and restrains the pressure from the Hudson River. If it had collapsed, the entire NYC Subway System would have flooded, disabling the city.
* Design Study by Thinc Design with Local Projects / Courtesy of the National 9/11 Museum
A visitor looking up on the Slurry Wall
Housing the most precious artifacts  recovered  from  the  debris  of  9/11,  this  museum  offers  an intimate  look  at  the  lasting impact. It displays items donated from families and survivors, and wreckage ranging from crushed fire trucks and twisted iron I-beams to personal items left behind.
 * Photo by Bruce M. White / Courtesy of the National 9/11 Museum
A wall in the museum posted with photos and notes of 9/11 victims
The architecture reflects the outer façade of  the Twin Towers with expansive, vertigo-inducing rows of window panels covering the steel framing. Inside are two of the surviving “tridents” that once served as the ground level foundation of the Twin Towers.
 * PRendering by Squared Design Lab / Courtesy of the National 9/11 Museum
A pair of architecture structure resembling the outer facade of Twin Towers

Illustrated map of 9/11 Memorial Site

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