Campus quad empty as heat wave rages on


An intense heat wave continues to burn Southern California for the past three days.

This Wednesday didn’t bring any relief, hitting 94 degrees in Orange County and up to 100 degrees in the Los Angeles area.

“Its crazy, I don’t like hot weather. I stay indoors, don’t go outside, drink water, eat ice cream, and turn on the AC,” said Santa Ana College student Cecila Isias. “The heat makes me sick.”
Not everyone is feeling the same way about the heat.

“I like the hot weather, its beautiful” said Santa Ana College Student Asuca Lopez.

Regardless of temperature preference, with the addition of humidity, fire season in Southern California is threatening to sink its fangs.

Normally overflowing with people and activity, the Quad is more of a ghost town as people are looking to avoid being out in the overbearing sun.

Thankfully, weather forecasts predict a cooling in the next few days providing for a break in this enveloping heat.

Some helpful tips:

  • Stay hydrated
  • Actively look for shade when outside
  • Wear sunscreen

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