Voters deny $1 fee increase



Evelyn Sanchez won a landslide victory in the Associated Student Government presidential election while the $1 optional student representation fee fell short of the two-thirds vote required.

Sanchez defeated Karla Perez 295 to 140 votes.
Frank Perkins was elected vice president, defeating Melvis Hanson, a write-in candidate, 235 to 173.

The Senator of Business will be Jasmine Ordaz.  The Senator of Library will be Jorge Jimenez, and the Senator of Science and Math will be Duy Le.  All ran uncontested.

This was the student government’s second attempt at passing the $1 fee. Last year the vote fell short by 50 votes.

“We tried really hard to promote it, but we couldn’t get enough students to vote on it” Nadia Lopez, outgoing ASG president said. “We are going to keep trying.”

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