E-Cigarettes Are More Dangerous Than you Think

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E-Cigarettes: What’s the Big Deal? By Isra Ahmad, COUGH Student Advisor Board Member Before I began college, I couldn’t have


Editorial: Sanchez Must Learn to Filter Her Behavior

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Staff Editorial Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez knows how to garner attention. Especially the negative kind. Sanchez was recorded recounting a story


Dress For Yourself, Not to Impress Others

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By Haide Hernandez Fashion is a great way to explore your personality and it is one of the first things


Saudi Deal Proves District’s Foundation Lacks Transparency

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The district’s foundation emphasizes economic growth in its mission statement with no mention of its students Staff Editorial The Rancho Santiago Community College District has a


Big Brother Police State

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By Jorge Campos Another case of police brutality swept the nation last month, an-all-too familiar scene with a dead black


Trustees Failed to Seek Input From Student Body on Decision to Re-Arm Safety Officers

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Staff Editorial At a campus safety town hall meeting with two district trustees and a pair of interim safety officials


Thanking All Military Kids

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By Matthew Salzer Not many know that April is not only the first month of spring but it’s also the


RSCCD Foundation’s Saudi Deal Sucks

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By closing the deal with two Middle Eastcolleges, SAC would compromise its values Staff Editorial Contracting with Saudi Arabia has sparked


Flag Should Fly in Public

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By Matthew Salzer Earlier this month six members of the legislative council of UC Irvine’s Associated Students organization voted to


Acceptance of Others Should Extend to Trans Community

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Staff Editorial The transgender community deserves our empathy and a safe space  free from danger and violence. Last year, local activist