Science Center evacuated twice in two weeks

Students and staff look on as the recently opened Science Center is evacuated for the second time in two weeks Photo by Kathrine Arroyo | el Don

The Science Center was evacuated and classes were paused briefly Tuesday morning after a fire alarm triggered shortly before noon.

At about 11:50 a.m. the alarm was set off and the building was evacuated. The alarm system registered the point of activation from room SC-203, a unisex restroom on the second floor. 

“Orange County Fire Authority responded and determined that someone must have been using a vape or electronic cigarette in the restroom,” said Campus Safety and Security Lieutenant, Dave Waters.

Orange County Fire Authority cleared the building at about noon, determined no hazards were present, and classes resumed as normal shortly after.

This is the second evacuation of the Science Center this month. The first evacuation happened on March 7 when the fume hoods in a third floor chemistry lab failed to filter out toxic fumes. 

SAC has been a tobacco-free institution since Feb. 5, 2009. Smoking is only permitted in parking lots around the perimeter of the campus. 


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