Get Your Parking Permit Before Sept. 11

Cars parked in Santa Ana College lots without a valid permit will be ticketed starting Monday, Sept. 11. Permits are available through Web Advisor, or at the Cashier’s Office.

According to a Campus Safety member who opted out of giving her name, “The best way to have an easy time parking would be to buy a permit online for $20 and get to the school about 1 hour before your class starts, in order to secure a spot without having to worry about making it to class.” For most students, this is the best way to grab yourself a parking spot, although some students have other ways to park their car.

“I always just park in nearby neighborhoods if I’m in a rush, just be sure to follow the laws of the road and you should avoid a ticket,” Brandon Chan, a sophomore, said.

The other sophomore, Sarah Rodriguez claimed, “For me, I’ve always just carpooled with a friend to avoid the hassle, or I just do Uber.”

For more clarification on parking and parking permits, visit to learn more.