SAC’s Welcome Back Event Feeds New Students With New Information and Pizza

Adrian Perkins / el Don

During the first week of school, students at Santa Ana College were welcomed back with pizza and information on clubs and upcoming events on campus. The event, held Aug. 30 and Aug. 31 in the Johnson Center courtyard, was primarily for students that are still seeking courses for registration along with any electives that they can participate in.

Students had the option to enroll in classes that are currently open and also had the chance to activate their student ID card as a local bus pass.

Internship programs and free textbook flyers were among the student services that were available as well.

“We’re here to increase the opportunity for hands-on experience before students approach the career world,” said Marina Rodriguez, a student volunteer with the CTE Internship Program.

Most students who attended, however, were lured by the promise of free pizza and stayed for the information bazaar.

“I had a great time and was thankful for the pizza and campus information,” student-athlete Devon Jackson Jr. said.

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