Wonder Woman Breaks Down Superhero Norms

Photo courtesy of DC Comics Facebook

By Meghan Kliewer

Wonder Woman is a feminist icon.

Comic book writer William Moulton Marston created the character Wonder Woman in 1941 with the theme in mind that women are more superior than men and more capable of bringing peace to the world in a time of war.

In the hundreds of comics written since, the stories Marston created have evolved into a more feminist approach that advocates for equality between the sexes, encouraging women to empower themselves and fight against sexism. Although Wonder Woman has a love interest, he is not a driving force in her comics because she primarily focuses on restoring justice in the world.

People have criticized the idea of Wonder Woman being a feminist because of the way she is drawn. While the character’s look is based on the style of a pin-up girl, today Wonder Woman’s appearance represents women’s control over their own body and their ability to decide how they can dress.

Wonder Woman makes her big screen debut in March in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It is her first live-action appearance since her 1970s television show, and it will prime the character for her own movie, set to be released next year.

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