Modified Headlights are Detrimental to Everyone on the Road

Itzel Quintana / el Don
Itzel Quintana / el Don
Itzel Quintana / el Don

By Itzel Quintana

After spending a 10-hour day staring at computer screens and white boards nothing sounds better than rushing home to the comfort of my bed.

But somewhere on the drive home, I usually run into the blinding LED or HID headlights of some jerk behind me reflecting off the mirrors of my compact Toyota Corolla.
I can speed up in hopes of losing them, but they end up right behind me. The intensity of their glare mocks me.

Although LED and HID headlights offer some environmental benefits, they are a detriment to the drivers whose eyes are being blinded.

Aside from being annoying, headlights that are positioned more than 54 inches above the car’s front axel or 22 inches below are against the law, according to the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

For cars sold with halogen lights, it is impossible to make the upgrade to higher-powered headlights without ruining the intended beam pattern.

LED and HID headlight owners should be considerate of the people with whom they share the road.

If they are not going to bother learning how to install them correctly, they should get it done professionally or not modify their car at all.


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