Thanking All Military Kids



By Matthew Salzer

Not many know that April is not only the first month of spring but it’s also the Month of the Military Child.

The importance of this subculture cannot be overstated as they are the children of members of the armed forces.

Children will often go months or even up to two years without seeing their fathers or mothers while they serve to defend our country.

Many believe that the military veteran is the most important service to sustain this country, but if that is the case their children are the second most important people to make sacrifices.

These children make the sacrifice of a regular life for one of moving around from base to

base every few years, only getting to know friends for that long or shorter. It is a life that such children never chose for themselves but that they accept.

For every serviceperson that is thanked for their service, their children should be thankedjust as much.

Sometimes sacrifice isn’t only made by individuals but by families as well.

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